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Fortnite Season 9 Closes — Here’s What You Should Know

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If you’re a fan of Fortnite, then you probably know that Fortnite usually ends with a big event. The big event may be a world-altering cataclysm or a clash of titans. Fortnite season 9 is no different — it closes with a big event, and the fans are thrilled with the overall closing actions.

Fortnite gamers got what they’ve been waiting for — an epic battle between the mountain monster and the giant Mecha. The battle was brief, but the back and forth model of the fight made the long wait worth it.

Before the end of season 9, players witnessed a couple of actions. First, a giant robot was designed in the red corner of the map. Also, in the blue corner, there was a Cattus Monster.

The battle lived up to the hype, and here’s what you need to know about the epic clash


The Mecha Vs. Monster Event — Here’s What You Should Know

At the beginning of season 9, gamers spotted a monster eye in an iceberg at Polar Peak, while Mecha, a robot was built within three weeks in the Pressure Plant.

At the beginning of the event, the monster emerged from the water north and destroyed trees with its green laser beam.

Moving on, the monster migrated to the Loot Lake where it attacked the POI.

Meanwhile, the Mecha robot keeps firing some rockets at the monster. It’s mainly a plot to prevent the monster from causing considerable damages to the POI.

Things became pretty juicy when the monster retaliated by firing the laser beam at the robot.

At this point, some unusual movement was noticed as the Mecha robot charged towards the monster and pushed it into the water.


Everywhere seemed calm for a moment, and as the robot emerged from the water, it felt like it was victorious.

Well, the victory was short-lived as the monster also emerged and attacked the robot from behind.

The unexpected happened — the monster chopped off the robot’s arm through a series of events.

However, the Mecha robot remained quite strong as it threw off the monster from its back.

The battle tides have changed, and it seems like the monster is gaining grounds while the Mecha robot is at a disadvantage.

Here’s the thing; the showdown between the monster and the Mecha robot was much more than the Fortnite players bargained for — some gamers expected a regular monstrous battle, but it was much more than that.

The robot moved to Loot Lake and pulled off a great move. It pulled out its power source and used the remnant power in its arm to punch the monster.

Through some quick, skillful moves, the robot pulled out a sword which is the Neo Tilted’s status and used the sword to pierce through the monster’s head.

The monster is down and defeated. The monster’s body disintegrates dramatically, and the carcus was left behind.

At this point, the robot performed some cool moves — the not sweat emote move with one arm.

It’s a delight to watch, and as a player, you’d be lost in the moment.

The robot dramatically flew into the sky.

At the moment, there’s a Zone Zero at Loot Lake. Zone Zero is an orb-like structure which may lead into Fortnite season 10.

Conclusion — An Epic Ending For Fortnite Season 9


Fortnite season 10 launches this August, but before the launch, it quite alright to reminiscence on the dramatic ending of season 9. The buildup, the epic battle, and the dramatic ending were worth the wait. With the launch of season 10, players have the freedom to compete and win in a much thrilling online video game adventure.

If you’d love to be part of the fun, you can participate by merely downloading the Fortnite apk on your device. What’s next, download the Fortnite apk for an intriguing showdown.

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