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BEST Cyber Security Companies In 2022

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An In-Depth Look at the Top leading and largest Cyber Security Companies and Venture Firms with Detailed Comparison:

What is Cybersecurity?

Cyber Security is a set of techniques that are used to protect internet-connected systems.

It can protect computers, networks, software, and data. Cyber-attacks are performed to make unauthorized access, change or destroy data, or to extort the money. Ransomware, Malware, Social engineering, and Phishing are some of the common types of cyber-attacks.

Cyber Security helps organizations and individuals to protect their systems and data from unauthorized access.

As per the research performed by FireEye, people from all over the world spend more than 75 billion on cybersecurity. This is because of the increase in the number of cyber-attack incidents each year

The below graph will show you the number of incidents happened in the US till 2022:

Cyber Security not only protects the systems and data from the threats but it also gives you many other benefits like increased productivity, gaining customer confidence, protecting customers, and reduce the chances of your website going down.

The below figure will explain the challenges of Cyber Security:

In this article, we will explore the top Internet security companies in detail. We have categorized the companies as Top cybersecurity companies by Revenue, Top Hottest Companies, Honorable Mention Companies, and Startups to consider for cybersecurity.

Best Cyber Security Companies By Revenue

Enlisted below are the various enterprise-level top Cybersecurity software companies that you should watch out for your Cyber Security services.

Comparison of Best Cyber Security firms

Cyber security companies Revenue Security Services Price
AppTrana Web Application Firewall, Web application scanning, mobile application scanning, etc. Advance: $99/app/month,
Premium: $399/app/month, Free trial for 14 days.
Cipher CIS $20-$50 Million Managed Security Services, Managed Detection and Response, Red Team Services, Cyber Intelligence Services, Cyber Technology Integration, and Governance Risk and Compliance. Free Trial of CipherBox MDR available for eligible companies.
Intruder Vulnerability assessment,
Penetration testing,
Cloud security,
Network security
Get a quote
Perimeter 81 $9.5 M Zero Trust Network Access, Secure Access Service Edge, VPN Alternative, Network Monitoring and Management, Device posture check. Starts at $8 per user per month, a custom enterprise plan is also available.
StrongDM Privileged Access Management, Zero Trust Network Access, VPN Alternative, Identity and Access Management. $70/user/month.
Free trial for 14 days.
SecurityHQ Managed Security Services, MDR, Managed Firewall, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Digital Risk & Threat Monitoring, Managed Network Detection & Response, Managed Azure Sentinel Detection & Response, VAPT, Vulnerability Management Service, Penetration Testing, Web Application Security Testing, Managed IBM Guardium, UBA, Network Flow Analytics, Managed Microsoft Defender ATP, SIEM as a Service, Managed SOC. Tailors the packages to their customer needs and offers a Free 30-Day trial (POC/POV) for its services.
Vipre $18M per year Endpoint Protection, Email Protection, Network Protection, User & Data Protection, etc. It starts at $16.50 for 5-10 computers for small business antivirus.
Symantec $4-$5 Billion Advanced Threat Protection, Information Protection, Endpoint security, Email security, Network security, and Cloud security. Starts at $2.50/month
Check Point Software $1 -$2 Billion Network security, Cloud security, Mobile security, Endpoint security, and Security management. Get a quote
Cisco $49-$50 Billion Firewall, Malware protection, Email security, Endpoint security, Cloud security, Multi-factor authentication, and Security services. Firewall price starts at $302. Cisco Email security price starts at $21.99 for a one-year subscription of the premium bundle.
Palo Alto $2-$3 Billion Cloud security, Network security, and Endpoint security. Network Security appliance starts at $10968.99. Price for Endpoint Protection Workstation will start at $75.99.
CyberArk $261 – $262 Million Access Security, Security and Risk Management for Cloud and DevOps, Application Identity Manager, Conjur, and Endpoint privilege manager. Get a quote. The company follows the subscription-based and one-time license fee. It also provides a free trial. User License cost may cost you 1000 to 4999
FireEye $779- $780 Million Network security, Endpoint security, Email security, Managed Security, and Cloud security. FireEye Endpoint security is $30 per endpoint and the cost for appliance starts at $19995 to support 100K endpoints.
Imperva $321-$322 Million Application Security (Web Application Firewall, DDoS Protection) & Data Security (Data Protection, Data Risk Analysis, Data Masking, File Security, and Vulnerability Discovery) There are two pricing plans for Application + Data security. (FlexProtect Plus & FlexProtect Premier). For Application security (FlexProtect Pro, FlexProtect Plus, & FlexProtect Premier). For Data security (FlexProtect Plus &FlexProtect Premier).

Let’s Explore!!

#1) AppTrana (Vadodara)

Indusface is a SaaS company that provides solutions for securing critical web applications. The solution has a combined web application scanner, web application firewall, CDN, and threat information engine.

AppTrana is a fully managed risk-based application & API protection solution. It performs the continuous identification of application security posture.

Indusface AppTrana provides:

  • Comprehensive protection
  • Complete managed security services
  • A solution that continuously identifies the application security posture.
  • Protection of web applications and APIs.
  • Instant improvement with website performance.

Headquarters: Vadodara
Founded in: 2012
Employee count: 201-500 employees.
Locations: Vadodara, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai, and San Bruno.
Core Cybersecurity services: Web Application Scanning, Web Application Firewall, Mobile Application Scanning, SSL Certificates, etc.

Pricing: Indusface offers AppTrana with two pricing plans, Premium ($399 per app per month) and Advance ($99 per app per month). A free trial of 14 days is available for the Advance plan.

#2) Cipher CIS (Miami, USA)

Cipher is a cybersecurity company that provides holistic, white-glove services to protect companies from attackers. As part of the cybersecurity division of Prosegur, Cipher combines deep cyber expertise with an understanding of physical and IoT security.

Core Cyber Security Services: Managed Security Services, Managed Detection and Response, Red Team Services, Cyber Intelligence Services, Cyber Technology Integration, and Governance Risk and Compliance.

Price: Free Trial of CipherBox MDR available for eligible companies.

#3) Intruder

Intruder is a cybersecurity company that operates globally, it helps organizations reduce their attack exposure by providing an effortless cybersecurity solution. Intruder’s product is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner that finds security weaknesses across the whole digital infrastructure.

Offering robust security checks, continuous monitoring and an intuitive to use the platform, Intruder keeps businesses of all sizes safe from hackers. Since its inception in 2015, Intruder has been awarded multiple accolades and was selected for GCHQ’s Cyber Accelerator.”

Core Cyber Security Services: Vulnerability assessment, Penetration testing, Cloud security, Network security, etc.

#4) Perimeter 81

Founded in 2018, Perimeter 81 is the brain child of SaaS and cybersecurity experts Amit Barekat and Sagi Gidil. It was conceived with the aim of providing companies with the privilege of seamless network security management via a unified service delivered entirely from the cloud. Thankfully, that is precisely what Perimeter 81 delivers by offering multiple advanced security features.

Perimeter 81 particularly shines in the (SASE) Secure Access Service Edge and (ZTNA) Zero Trust Network Access department. Ever since its inception, Perimeter 81 has successfully helped several businesses of all sizes, across varying industrial set-ups, achieve a cost-effective and simplified network and cybersecurity experience.

Perimeter 81 Will Help You:

  • Manage access policies, view endpoints, deploy regional gateways, and connect network infrastructure via a single management panel.
  • Automatically encrypt connection when connection to an unrecognized Wi-Fi network is noticed.
  • Make user access secure and easy with features like Single Sign-On and multi-factor authentication.
  • Integrate security across cloud and local environments for greater visibility.
  • Create access rules and define user roles for segmented networks.
  • Protect the network from online threats with web filtering.

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
Founded: 2018
Employee Count: 51-200 employees
Services Offered: Zero Trust Network Access, Secure Access Service Edge, VPN Alternative, Network Monitoring and Management, Device Posture Check, Automatic Wi-Fi Protection, Identity Management.


  • Essentials Plan: $8 per user per month
  • Premium Plan: $12 per user per month
  • Premium Plus: $16 per user per month
  • Custom enterprise plans is also available.

#5) StrongDM

Founded in 2015, StrongDM is a People-First Access platform that gives technical staff a direct route to the critical infrastructure they need to be their most productive.

End users enjoy fast, intuitive, and auditable access to the resources they need. Administrators gain precise controls, eliminating unauthorized and excessive access permissions. IT, Security, DevOps, and Compliance teams can easily answer who did what, where, and when with comprehensive audit logs.

StrongDM reimagines privileged access management to enhance security and compliance postures making it incredibly easy to implement and use.

StrongDM will help you:

  • Simplify privileged access to request, approve, grant, revoke, and audit access to infrastructure with a unified control plane.
  • Log every action during every session so you know who did what, where, and when with full log encryption.
  • Enhance security posture by eliminating the need to exposure of credentials to end users when accessing the systems they need to do their job.
  • Give access to people through just-in-time, temporary, role-based access (RBAC), attribute-based access (ABAC), or direct access.
  • Integrate directly with identity providers to automate access provisioning and de-provisioning.
  • Native support for cloud technologies with integrations to SIEM, IGA, IAM, and secret vaults to support everything in your stack.

Headquarters: Burlingame, CA
Founded: 2015
Employee Count: 51-200 employees
Services Offered: Privileged Access Management, Zero Trust Network Access, VPN Alternative, Identity, and Access Management.

#6) SecurityHQ

SecurityHQ is a Global Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with 6 Security Operation Centres (SOCs) located Globally and 260+ analysts available 24/7 that detect, monitors & responds to cyber threats around the clock, to ensure complete visibility and protection powered by real-time log analytics, with security orchestration, automation & response tooling for investigation, threat hunting and response.

Employee count: 260+ Security Analyst (Level 1-4) on demand around the globe.
Established in the year: 2003

What is SecurityHQ’s business and technical advantages to enterprises or SMEs investing in this product/service?

  • Reduce Risk by identifying threats with clear mitigation response requirements.
  • Defend Unlimited Threats with a limited budget.
  • Improve Detection and Response Time to incidents.
  • World-Class Tools and Skills, at a fraction of the cost to build a SOC in-house.
  • Empowered by World-Class Tools (IBM QRadar, Resilient, Digital Shadows, Darktrace and more).
  • 6 Security Operations Centers globally, with our leading Data Center in London, Canary Wharf.

Core Cybersecurity Services: Managed Security Services, MDR, EDR, XDR, NDR, Managed SOC, Managed Firewall, VAPT, Vulnerability Management, Incident Response, Security Consulting.

Service Trials: SecurityHQ offers a Free 30-Day trial (POC/POV) for its services. Contact them for more details.

#7) Vipre (Los Angeles, California)

Vipre is the internet security solutions provider for business as well as home use. It has 20+ years of industry expertise. It can provide unmatched protection against most of today’s aggressive online threats. It can provide free and US-based support. Along with cybersecurity solutions, it provides security awareness training.

Founded In: 1994
Employee Count: 51-200
Revenue: $18 M per year
Core Services: Endpoint Protection, Email Protection, Network Protection, User & Data Protection, etc.

Price: Vipre offers three plans for business protection i.e. Core Defense ($96 per user per year), Edge Defense ($96 per user per year), and Complete Defense ($144 per user per year).

#8) Symantec Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security (Mountain View, CA)

Symantec Corporation is a cybersecurity company that protects data of organizations, governments, and individuals, regardless of where it lives. It provides protection against sophisticated attacks through endpoints, cloud, and infrastructure.

Revenue: Around US $4 Billion.
Founded: 1982

Core Cyber Security Services: Advanced Threat Protection, Information Protection, Endpoint Security, Email Security, Network security, and Cloud security.

Pricing: Symantec provides four pricing plans i.e. Endpoint Protection Cloud Device (Starts at $2.50/month), Endpoint Protection Cloud User (Starts at $4.50/month), Endpoint Protection Cloud Server (Starts at $3.50/month), Drive Encryption (Starts at $9.00/month).

Website: Symantec Corporation

#9) Check Point Software Technologies Ltd (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Check Point Software Technologies provide cybersecurity solutions for malware, ransomware, and other types of attacks.

It provides solutions to government and corporate enterprises for defending cloud, network, and mobile device. It follows a multi-level security architecture and offers a solution to any sized company.

Revenue: Around US $1 Billion.
Founded: 1993

Core Cyber Security Services: Network security, Cloud security, Mobile Security, Endpoint security, and Security management.

Pricing: A free trial is available for few products. You can contact the company for detailed pricing information.

Website: Check Point Software Technologies

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#10) Cisco (San Jose, CA)

Cisco provides a solution for IT, networking, and cybersecurity. Cisco solutions are available for any sized company.

Revenue: Around US $49 Billion.
Founded: 1984

Core Cyber Security Services: Firewall, Malware protection, Email security, Endpoint security, Cloud security, Multi-factor authentication, and Security services.

Pricing: Pricing information is not disclosed by the company. But as per the online reviews, the prices could be like this: Cisco Firewall price starts at $302, and Cisco Email security price starts at $21.99 for a one-year subscription of the premium bundle.

Website: Cisco

#11) Palo Alto Networks (SANTA CLARA, California)

Palo Alto provides cybersecurity to industries like Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Oil & Gas, ICS & SCADA, Utilities, and Manufacturing, etc. Cybersecurity is offered for Cloud, Network, and mobile devices.

The cybersecurity solutions are available for SaaS, Private, & Public cloud.

Revenue: Around US $2 Billion.
Founded: 2005

Core Cyber Security Services: Cloud security, Network security, and Endpoint security.

Pricing: As per the online reviews, the price for the Network Security appliance starts at $10968.99 and the Price for Endpoint Protection Workstation will start at $75.99.

Website: Palo Alto Networks

#12) McAfee (SANTA CLARA, California)

McAfee provides the cybersecurity to devices and cloud as well. The security solutions are available for both consumers as well as businesses. McAfee serves three industries i.e. Financial, Healthcare, and Public sector.

Revenue: Around US $2 Billion.
Founded: 1987

Core Cyber Security Services: Anti-virus, Network security, Server security, Database security, Endpoint protection, Web security, Security management, Data protection & Encryption, and Security Analytics.

Pricing: Prices for Antivirus will be $54.99 for one device, $84.99 for 5 devices, and $44.99 for 10 devices. Free trials are also available for the product. Get a quote to know more about the pricing details of the business products.

Website: McAfee

#13) IBM (Armonk, NY)

IBM is an Information Technology company that provides computer hardware, software & middleware, and hosting & consulting services for several areas from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM provides cybersecurity solutions to the US federal government.

Revenue: Around US $79 Billion.
Founded: 1911

Core Cyber Security Services: Situational awareness and response, Cognitive Security, Mobile Security, Biometrics and Identity access management.

Pricing: IBM Mobile security price starts at $4 per client device per month. A free plan is available for IBM Watson assistant. The paid plan for Watson assistant starts at $ 0.0025 per message. The price for IBM Cloud Identity starts at $2.50 per employee per month.

Website: IBM

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#14) Trend Micro Inc. (Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan)

Trend Micro provides enterprise data security and cybersecurity solutions to cloud environments, small & medium businesses, networks, and data centers.

Revenue: Around 1 Trillion JPY.
Founded: 1988

Core Cyber Security Services: Network security, Hybrid Cloud Security, Endpoint Security, Email Security, Web security, and SaaS Application security.

Pricing: The prices of Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security for AWS will be in the range of $7 to $72 for one to 10 instances. The prices for Trend Micro Home Network Security starts at $84 per month.

The price for Endpoint and email security starts at $37.75 per user for a one-year subscription.

Website: Trend Micro Inc.

#15) Microsoft (Redmond, WA)

Microsoft is the manufacturer of personal computers, computer software, and consumer electronics. Microsoft provides Intelligent security solutions and cloud security advantage.

Revenue: Around US $110 Billion.
Founded: 1975

Core Cyber Security Services: Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure & services, devices & products, and own corporate resources. Detects threats and recovers for incidents.

Pricing: Microsoft has two pricing plans for security i.e. Free Tire and Standard Tire. Standard Tire is free for 30 days and after that, the price will be $0.02/Server/Hour.

Website: Microsoft

#16) Amazon (Seattle, WA)

Amazon is the company for e-commerce, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Hardware. Amazon provides cloud security to data centers and network architecture. AWS Trusted Advisor will provide you the real-time insights.

Revenue: Around US $177 Billion.
Founded: 1994

Core Cyber Security Services: Infrastructure security, DDoS mitigation, Data Encryption, Identity & Access Control, and Penetration testing.

Pricing: Amazon Cognito (Free for first 50000 MAUs, Next 50000 at $0.00550 per MAU). AWS Shield ($3000 per month). Amazon Inspector (Free trial is available. $0.15 for the first 250 instance-assessments). Different products have different price range. You can visit the company’s pricing page for more details about its other products.

Website: Amazon

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#17) ScienceSoft (McKinney, TX)

ScienceSoft provides professional cybersecurity services since 2003. An IBM Business Partner in Security Operations and Response, ScienceSoft has successfully completed 150+ security testing and consulting projects in banking, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, telecoms, and other industries.

ScienceSoft is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified to assure the quality of the services provided and the security of the customers’ data.

Our team of cybersecurity experts is ready to assess and test the security of:

  • Networks
  • Servers
  • Firewalls
  • IDS/IPSs
  • APIs
  • Web, mobile, and desktop applications (both the front end and the back end).

ScienceSoft’s Certified Ethical Hackers carry out:

  • Vulnerability assessment – Identifying, quantifying, and ranking vulnerabilities; advising on eliminating security risks.
  • Penetration testing – Black box, white box, grey box testing.
  • Security code review – Checking for errors in source code.
  • Infrastructure security audit – Detecting weaknesses in security policies and procedures, monitoring tools, configuration management, version control.
  • Compliance testing – Verifying compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and other standards and regulations.

Revenue: $25 Million
Founded: 1989
Locations: McKinney, Texas, US; Vantaa, Finland; Fujairah, UAE.

Core Cyber Security Services: Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Security Code Review, Infrastructure Security Audit, Compliance Testing.

Pricing: Contact ScienceSoft’s cybersecurity team to get pricing details.

#18) QAwerk

QAwerk has helped over 1K web apps and SaaS products enhance their security posture and avert the risk of advanced persistent threats. QAwerk security team combines the power of the latest cybersecurity tools with its solid pen testing expertise to unearth the most impactful exploits.

QAwerk’s White Hats will help you:

  • Detect existing and potential vulnerabilities, categorize them by severity, and fix those issues.
  • Have an unbiased and comprehensive perspective on your current security posture.
  • Implement missing security controls to future-proof your product.
  • Perform professional static application analysis and maintain code hygiene.
  • Prepare your software for a secure upgrade or launch.
  • Meet global cybersecurity standards, such as SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, GDPR.

QAwerk pen-testers are skilled in white box, grey box, and black box testing and rely both on automated and manual techniques to uncover malicious activity.

Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine
Founded: 2015
Employee Count: 30-70

Core Cybersecurity Services: Website Security Audit, Web Penetration Testing, Mobile App Security Testing, Static Application Security Testing, External Network Security Audit, Data Leak Detection, Insider Threat Prevention, Remote Computer Forensics.

Pricing: The pricing for security testing is provided upon request.

#19) QAlified

QAlified is a cybersecurity and quality assurance company specialized in solving quality problems by reducing risks, maximizing efficiency, and strengthening organizations.

An independent partner to evaluate software security with experience in different technologies for any type of software.

QAlified will help you to:

  • Detect existing and potential vulnerabilities in your software.
  • Perform professional security application analysis and code review.
  • Prepare your software for a secure launch or upgrade.
  • Respond to cybersecurity incidents and threats.
  • Meet global cybersecurity standards.

A team of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals with experience in more than 600 projects in Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Government (Public sector), Healthcare, Information Technology.

Headquarters: Montevideo, Uruguay
Founded in: 1992
Employees: 50 – 200
Core Services: Application Security Testing, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Managed Security Services.
Pricing: Pricing for security services is provided upon request.

Top Hottest Cybersecurity Companies

#20) CyberArk Software (Newton, MA)

CyberArk Software provides software to eliminate cyber threats. It offers software like Password vault and Identity Manager. It is used to protect information assets, applications, and infrastructure.

Revenue: Around US $261 Million.
Founded: 1999

Core Cyber Security Services: Access Security, Security & Risk Management for Cloud & DevOps, Application Identity Manager, Conjur, and Endpoint privilege manager.

Pricing: You can contact the company for more pricing details. But as per the online reviews, the company follows a subscription-based and one-time license fee. It also provides a free trial. The User License cost may cost you from $1000 to $4999.

Website: CyberArk

#20) FireEye (Milpitas, California)

FireEye provides a platform that is a combination of security technologies. It offers solutions for Enterprise Security, Managed Defense, and Threat Intelligence. It has services for security assessments, Breach Response, Security Enhancement, and Security Transformation.

Revenue: Around US $779 Million.
Founded: 2004

Core Cyber Security Services: Network security, Endpoint security, Email Security, Managed Security, and Cloud security.

Pricing: Pricing information for the products is not disclosed by FireEye. You can contact the company for more details. As per the online reviews, the price for FireEye Endpoint security is $30 per endpoint and the cost for the appliance starts at $19995 to support 100K endpoints.

Website: FireEye

#21) Imperva (Redwood Shores, California)

Imperva provides on-premises or in cloud security to your data and applications. It works to identify, evaluate, and eliminate the current as well as future threats.

Revenue: Around US $321 Million.
Founded: 2002

Core Cyber Security Services: Application Security (Web Application Firewall, DDoS Protection) & Data Security (Data Protection, Data Risk Analysis, Data Masking, File Security, and Vulnerability Discovery)

Pricing: There are two pricing plans for Application + Data security i.e. FlexProtect Plus and FlexProtect Premier.

For Application security, there are three plans i.e. FlexProtect Pro, FlexProtect Plus, and FlexProtect Premier. For Data security, there are two plans i.e. FlexProtect Plus, and FlexProtect Premier.

Website: Imperva

#23) Proofpoint (Sunnyvale, California)

Proofpoint provides cybersecurity solutions to the Federal Government, Finance, and Healthcare industries. It has services for email, cloud, web, and social media.

Revenue: Around US $660 Million.
Founded: 2002

Core Cyber Security Services: Cloud App Security, Digital Risk Protection, Email Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, and Information Protection.

Pricing: Proofpoint provides a free trial for its products. You can contact the company for more pricing information.

Website: Proofpoint

#24) Fortinet (Sunnyvale, California)

Fortinet is the provider of cybersecurity solutions like firewall, anti-virus, and intrusion prevention & endpoint security.

It offers the products for Network Security, Infrastructure Protection, Access Management, Application Security, Threat detection & prevention, and Cloud security.

Revenue: Around US $1 Billion.
Founded: 2000

Core Cyber Security Services: Network security, Multi-Cloud Security, Web Application Security, Email Security, Advanced Threat Protection, Secure Unified Access, Endpoint security, Management, and Analytics.

Pricing: You can contact the company for detailed pricing information. As per the reviews available online, the price for Fortinet FortiMail starts at $2962. FortiClient Telemetry License can cost you up to $260 for one year. The prices for FortiCloud Threat Detection starts at $87 for one year.

Website: Fortinet

#25) HackerOne

HackerOne is the #1 hacker-powered security platform, helping organizations find and fix critical vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. More Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 1000 companies trust HackerOne than any other hacker-powered security alternative.

Headquarters: San Francisco, US
Founded: 2012
Employee Count: 250+
Revenue: $25 M+

The U.S. Department of Defense, General Motors, Google, the CERT Coordination Center and over 1,300 other organizations have partnered with HackerOne to find over 120,000 vulnerabilities and award over $80M in bug bounties.

HackerOne is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in London, New York, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

Core Services: Hacker-powered security through penetration testing, bug bounties, vulnerability disclosure programs, vulnerability assessment, compliance testing, and more.

Customers: U.S. Department of Defense, Google Play, Spotify, Paypal, Slack, HBO, Verizon, Twitter, Shopify, Toyota, General Motors, Starbucks, European Commission, Twitter.

Honorable Mention Security Companies

#26) Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is the provider of cyber resilient systems. It also offers cyber capabilities. It works for its own defense, global security customers, and also for the intelligence community.

Website: Lockheed Martin

#27) BAE Systems

BAE Systems provides the services of Fraud Detection & Prevention, AML Regulatory Compliance, Digital & Data Services, Cyber Security services, Email Security, Managed Security services, and National Threat Defense solutions.

Website: BAE Systems

#28) Herjavec Group

Herjavec Group is the provider of Cybersecurity solutions.

It offers Managed Security Services like threat detection & SOC Operations, Advisory Services, Threat Management, Incident Response, Identity Services, and Technology Implementation.

Website: Herjavec Group

#29) Cygilant

Cygilant provides security as a service.

It offers the services of Managed Detection & Response and Unified vulnerability & patch management. These solutions are available for industries like Finance, Healthcare, Legal, etc.

Website: Cygilant

#30) AlgoSec

AlgoSec provides solutions for Firewall management.

It offers solutions for Hybrid Cloud Security, Incident Response, Firewall management, Security Policy Change Management & Risk Mitigation, Vulnerability management, and many others.

Website: AlgoSec

#31) Mocana

Mocana provides endpoint security to commercial as well as military applications. It can be easily integrated with hardware and software-based secure elements and crypto-accelerators.

Website: Mocana

#32) Fortalice Solutions

Fortalice Solutions provide the services of Cyber Incident Response, Customized services, Insider threat program, Cyber Risks Assessments, Penetration Testing, Cyber protection for high profile individuals, and investigations & data purging.

Website: Fortalice Solutions

#33) Now Secure

Now Secure offers Mobile App Security.

It provides solutions for mobile-centric workforces, dual-use devices, and the proliferation of mobile apps. It also provides pen testing services for Mobile Apps and offers security analytics.

Website: Now Secure

#34) AlienVault

Alien Vault provides the services for Asset Discovery, Intrusion Detection, Security Automation, SIEM & Log Management, Endpoint Detection & Response, Threat Detection & Intelligence, and Vulnerability Assessments.

Website: Alien Vault

#35) Berkeley Varitronics Systems

Berkeley Varitronics Systems design the tools for Cellphone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth threat detection. These tools can monitor physical security and cybersecurity.

Website: Berkeley Varitronics Systems

#36) Cimcor

Cimcor provides the product Cim Track. Using this product, organizations can monitor and protect their physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT assets.

Website: Cimcor

#37) Digital Defense

Digital Defense provides a network solution for vulnerability and risk management. It will help you to protect your online data and tell you more about DDI.

Website: Digital Defense

Security Startups To Consider For Small Businesses

#38) Luminate Security

Luminate Security provides a platform to secure and manage access to cloud applications. These services will be much helpful for corporate resources. Website: Luminate Security

#39) Cognigo

Cognigo provides services for data governance, information security, and GDPR compliance. Website: Cognigo

#40) Opaq

Opaq provides cloud-based network security services and it offers solutions to mid-size companies. Website: Opaq

#41) Panorays

Panorays provides third-party security management services. Website: Panorays

#42) Cover Microsystems

Cover Micro-systems provide Enterprise Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System and Unified Threat Management System. Website: Cover Microsystems


We have listed all the top Cybersecurity companies and consulting firms in this article.

To conclude, we can say that Symantec, Check Point Software, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and McAfee are the best enterprise-grade cybersecurity service providers.

Network security, Cloud security, Email security, and Endpoint security is provided by almost all the top companies. CyberArk provides the Conjur for secrets management, while Check Point Software and IBM provide Mobile Security.

Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon are the top companies that are popular for their cloud and other services. They are also the provider of cybersecurity services.

Hope this article would help you in selecting the best Cyber Security Provider!

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