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Bài tập & kiến thức Tiếng Anh lớp 12 [Có đáp án chi tiết]

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Năm 12 được xem là một năm vô cùng quan trọng khi là năm cuối cùng của cấp Trung học phổ thông trước khi các bạn học sinh bước vào Đại học. Do đó, kiến thức các môn ở giai đoạn này là những kiến thức đầy đủ và cốt lõi nhất, đặc biệt với môn tiếng Anh lớp 12. Bài viết dưới đây sẽ tổng hợp lại một số chủ điểm ngữ pháp đáng lưu ý cũng như các dạng bài tập tiếng Anh thường gặp trong đề thi để các bạn có thể tập trung ôn luyện và củng cố kiến thức của mình. Xem bài viết về các dạng bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 12 ngay nhé!

I. Tóm tắt kiến thức tiếng Anh lớp 12

  • Câu điều kiện: loại 0, loại 1, loại 2, loại 3 và loại 3+2
  • Mệnh đề quan hệ
  • Câu chẻ
  • Các thì: Hiện tại đơn, Hiện tại tiếp diễn, Hiện tại hoàn thành, Hiện tại hoàn thành tiếp diễn, Quá khứ đơn, Quá khứ tiếp diễn, Quá khứ hoàn thành, Tương lai đơn, Tương lai gần, Tương lai tiếp diễn, Tương lai hoàn thành.
  • Câu tường thuật và câu trần thuật
  • Câu bị động
  • Câu hỏi đuôi
  • Câu cầu ước: 

Trái với hiện tại: S + wish(es) that + S + were/ V-ed/ P2…

Trái với quá khứ: S + wish(es) that + S + had/ could have V-ed/ P2…

Trái với tương lai: S + wish(es) that + S + would/ could V…

  • Liên từ: although, even though, in spite of, despite, because… 

II. Một số dạng bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 12

I. Pick out the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

  1. A. women             B. movie                 C. lose                        D. prove
  2. A. intellectual        B. international       C. interview                 D. interfere  
  3. A. rear                  B. bear                   C. fear                         D. dear  
  4. A. integration        B. international       C. immigration            D. operation 
  5. A. apprentice        B. association         C. apprehension        D. attack 
  6. A. deal                  B. eagle                  C. instead                  D. eager 
  7. A. famine              B. determine          C. mineral                  D. miner 
  8. A. mission            B. revision             C. division                 D. collision 
  9. A. arrival               B. vital                    C. tidal                       D. citadel 
  10. A. scoreboard      B. science               C. schedule              D. scanner 

II. Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from that of the others.

  1. A. president          B. manager             C. spectator               D. counsellor 
  2. A. intelligent          B. overwhelming    C. imaginable.            D. intangible 
  3. A. inhabitant         B. interpreter           C. imitation                D. initiate 
  4. A. stimulate          B. sharpener           C. festival                   D. disaster 
  5. A. achievement    B. involvement        C. confinement           D. argument 
  6. A. pioneer            B. mountaineer        C. suggestion             D. engineer 
  7. A. stability            B. immensity           C. advocacy                D. capacity 
  8. A. advice             B. justice                  C. circus                     D. product 
  9. A. interfere          B. penalty                 C. referee                   D. competition 
  10. A. scuba-diving   B. swimming            C. gymnastics             D. skating  

III. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences

  1. The major goal of ASEAN is to ………….. economic growth, social progress and cultural development.

A. cooperate             B. accelerate            C. communicate          D. operate

2. We are trying to control the ………….. of the dollar on the world’s money markets.

A. stable                   B. stabilize                C. stability                   D. stabilizer

3. The ASIAN was ………….. on August 8th, 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand.

A. established           B. begun                   C. seen                       D. proved

Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 12

4. We are ………….. to produce unemployment by 50%.

A. aiming                   B. finding                  C. approving               D. accepting

5. All ASEAN countries are received equal rights and ………….. .

A. justification            B. justifiable             C. justified                   D. justify

6. Strategic alliances are being ………….. with major European companies.

A. forced                    B. formulated           C. forbidden                D. forged

7. There is a growing ………….. that changes must be made to improve national economy.

A. organization          B. realization           C. civilization               D. condition

8. The aim of ASEAN is to promote closer economic ………….. .

A. delegation             B. integration           C. reputation               D. migration

9. We need to concentrate ………….. our target audience, namely women aged between 20 and 30.

A. on                         B. at                         C. in                            D. about

10. ………….. he had a suggestion, he didn’t raise his hand.

A. Because              B. Although              C. However                 D. Therefore

11. Mr. Watson wants the report ………….. soon.

          A. rewrites                B. rewriting              C. rewritten                 D. rewrote

12. If I ………….. you, I would take the job and then ask for more money.

          A. had been              B. a                         C. will be                     D. were

13. Some engineers have predicted that within twenty years automobiles ………….. almost completely of plastic.

A. were made           B. have made          C. will be made          D. are made

14. When the passenger ………….., will you please give him this package?

A. will arrive             B. arrives                 C. would arrives         D. arriving

15. The Sun is ………….. bright to look at directly.

A. such                    B. too                       C. so                           D. enough

16. The US. President serves a maximum of two ________ terms.

A. four – years          B. four – year           C. fours – years’          D. fours – year

17. What did that man die …………..? A heart attack.

A. in                         B. for                        C. of                           D. about

18. I known a very nice girl ………….. older sister is a famous actress.

A. what                    B. who                     C. whose                    D. whom

19. Tom ………….. travel a lot. These days he doesn’t go away very often.

A. is used to             B. used to               C. is used for              D. used

20. ………….. you finish typing that report, make five copies of it and give it to the officers.

A. While                   B. When                 C. But                          D. Although

IV. Read the passage below and choose one correct answer for each question

Until the 19th century, the denial of equal rights to women met with only occasional protest and drew little attention from most people. Because most women lacked the educational and economic resources that would enable them to challenge the prevailing social order, women generally accepted their inferior status as their only option. At this time, women shared these disadvantages with the majority of working class men, as many social, economic, and political rights were restricted to the wealthy elite. In the 19th century, as governments in Europe and North America began to draft new laws guaranteeing equality among men, significant numbers of women – and some men – began to demand that women be accorded equal rights as well.

At the same time, the Industrial Revolution in Europe and North America further divided the roles of men and women. Before the Industrial Revolution most people worked in farming or crafts-making, both of which took place in or near the home. Men and women usually divided the numerous tasks among themselves and their children. Industrialization led male workers to seek employment outside of the home in factories and other large-scale enterprises. The growing split between home and work reinforced the idea that women’s “rightful place” was in the home, while men belonged in the public world of employment and politics.

Organized efforts by women to achieve greater rights occurred in two major waves. The first wave began around the mid 19th century, when women in the United States and elsewhere campaigned to gain suffrage – that is, the right to vote. This wave lasted until the 1920s, when several countries granted women suffrage.

  1. Why did the denial of equal rights to women draw little attention from the society until the 19th century?

A. They could not challenge the prevailing social order.

B. They did not have any other option.

C. Most women lacked the educational and economic resources.

D. All are correct.

2. Until the 19th century, what was the status of the working class men in the society?

A. They had the same rights as women.

B. They had no right at all.

C. They did not have much power compared to the wealthy people.

D. They had much power in the society.

3. When did the women’s movement start in Western countries?

A. in the 18th century           B. in the late 18th century          C. in the 19th century            D. in the early 20th century

4. What did the effect of the Industrial Revolution in Europe and North America bring about?

A. Male workers tried to seek employment outside of the home.

B. It did not bring the equality to women.

C. Well-educated, upper-class men controlled most positions of employment and power in society.

D. All are correct.

5. What was the aim of the women’s movement in the United States in the 1920s?

A. to gain the right to have much power in the society

B. to gain the right to vote

C. to gain the right to go to work in the factory

D. to have the complete equality to men

V. Read the following passage and choose the best option for each blank

The future role of women can be looked at more optimistically. Nowadays, there seems (1)_________ recognition of the vital role women play in society and more status is given to women. Overall, excellent progress has been made (2)_________ education. This has played a powerful role for women self-esteem. It demonstrates women’s intellectual abilities to gain expertise in the field of their choice. However, this progress has still to be reflected in the job market. Since a more educated society is good for industry and society (3)_________ a whole, it is even more urgent for women to gain an acceptable status in their profession. The message is that women have the ability to change their roles and that they will demand to have the means to do it. It is (4)_________ accepted by the new generation of young men and women that co-operation and mutual aid are far more productive than the divider camp of men and women. Society is changing and with it the role of men and women. In many fields women have come a long way from just their roles as mothers and homemakers. They no longer think that children rearing and home management are their (5)_________ duties.

  1. A. be                B. being             C. to being            D. to be 
  2. A. in                 B. at                   C. on                     D. for  
  3. A. to                 B. as                  C. out                    D. for  
  4. A. general        B. generally       C. generality         D. generalize 
  5. A. sole              B. lonely           C. alone                 D. own 

VI. There is a mistake in the four underlined parts of each sentence. Find the mistake (A, B, C or D)

  1. Their news about the success of your business it was wonderful for me to hear.

                    A                                         B                    C                                        D

2. The board of directors should be deciding now who will get promotion, who may be trained for managerial positions,

                                                A                                     B                                            C

and who would be fired.


3. There are thousands of kinds of bacteria, many of whom are beneficial.

                           A                                              B            C                  D

4. Physical therapists help patients relearn how to use their bodies after disease or injure.

                                                             A                  B                            C                         D

5.That the trees lose their leaves are a sign of winter. 

                            A      B                 C   D

6. One of the most popular holiday is Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in November.

                     A                           B                                           C                    D

7. Would you mind not to smoke on the bus? It disturbs other people?

                                 A        B                                      C                D

8. The length of the trip will depend on how good are the roads.

               A                        B                       C                     D

9. William Samuel Johnson, who helped write the Constitution, become the first president of Columbia University in 1787.

                                                 A                   B                                   C             D

10. In spite of their frightening appearance, the squid is shy and completely harmless.

               A          B          C                                                                                          D

VII. Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the original one

  1. “I’m awfully sorry, Carol, but I’ve broken your watch”, said Jim.

A. Jim apologized to Carol to breaking her watch.

B. Jim apologized to Carol to break her watch.

C. Jim apologized to Carol for breaking her watch.

D. Jim apologized for Carol to break her watch.

2. Living in Sydney is strange to her.

A. She’s not used to live in Sydney.

B. She’s not used to living in Sidney.

C. She used to live in Sydney.

D. She is used living in Sydney.

3. When I heard the telephone ring, I answered it immediately.

A. On hear the phone rang, I answered it immediately.

B. On hear the phone ring, I answered it immediately.

C. On hearing the phone ring, I answered it immediately.

D. On hearing rang, I answered the phone immediately.

4. If you don’t wake up early, you can’t catch the first bus to the city center.

A. You have to wake up early to catch the first bus to the city center.

B. You don’t have to wake up early to catch the first bus to the city center.

C. You have to not wake up early to catching the first bus to the city center.

D. You haven’t to wake up early to catch the first bus to the city center.

5. The birthday cake is too big for us to eat.

A. The birthday cake is so big for us to eat.

B. The birthday cake is so big that we can’t eat it.

C. The birthday cake is enough big for us to eat.

D. The birthday cake is too big for us that eating.

VIII. Choose the word with the same meaning as the underlined part

  1. Roget’s Thesaurus, a collection of English words and phrases, was originally arranged by the ideas they express

rather than by alphabetical order.

A. instead of                 B. as well as                 C. unless                D. restricted

2. With the dawn of space exploration, the notion that atmosphere conditions on Earth may be unique in the solar system was strengthened.

A. outcome                   B. beginning                 C. continuation       D. expansion

3. This tapestry has a very complicated pattern.

A. intricate                    B. obsolete                   C. ultimate              D. appropriate

4. My cousin tends to look on the bright side in any circumstance.

A. br smart                    B. be pessimistic         C. be confident        D. be optimistic

5. He is an honest man. You can rely on him to do a good job.

A. put up with               B. base on                     C. count on            D. take in

Hi vọng bài viết trên sẽ là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích giúp bạn làm quen với một số dạng bài cũng như củng cố vững chắc kiến thức của mình. Chúc bạn học tốt!

Đáp án chi tiết bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 12

I. 1-A    2-A    3-B    4-B    5-C    6-C    7-D    8-A    9-D    10-B

II. 1-C    2-B    3-C   4-D    5-D    6-C    7-C    8-A    9-B    10-C

III. 1-B    2-C    3-A   4-A    5-A    6-D    7-B    8-B    9-A    10-B

      11-C    12-D    13-C    14-B    15-B    16-B    17-C    18-C    19-B    20-B

IV. 1-D    2-C    3-C   4-D    5-B

V. 1-D    2-A    3-B    4-B    5-A

VI. 1. C → 0                     6. B → holidays

2. D → will be                   7. B → smoking

3. C → which                    8. D → the roads are

4. D → injury                    9. C → became

5. C → is                         10. B → its

VII. 1-C    2-B    3-C   4-A    5-B

VIII. 1-A    2-B    3-A    4-D    5-C

Trên đây là toàn bộ các dạng bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 12 mà chúng tôi muốn giới thiệu đến bạn. Chúng tôi hy vọng những dạng bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 12 này đã giúp bạn có thêm thật nhiều kiến thức bổ ích!

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